7 Tips to Increase the Life of your Hearing Aid Batteries

As technology gets smaller, so do the batteries. The smaller the battery, the shorter the life. Here are 7 (easy to implement) tips on how to make your hearing aid batteries last as long as possible.

7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

When you get them home…

Tip #1) Store your hearing aid battery supply in a cool and dry place, away from medications or food.

Why? Overheating can cause loss of energy and refrigeration can cause condensation build up.

Tip #2) Check the expiration dates. Use older batteries first.

Why? Most of the zinc-air batteries can last upto 3 years in the right environment.

When it comes time to change the battery…

Tip #3) Wash your hands before changing the battery.

Why? Grease on your hands can interfere with the battery contact.

Tip #4) Remove the color coded tab and allow the cell to sit for 3-5 minutes before closing the battery door.

Why? This allows for full activation.

When you’re not using your hearing aids…

Tip #5) Open the battery door.

Why? This turns off the device to keep it from running when not in use and also allows moisture to escape. By doing this you will keep the battery from corroding and damaging your technology.

Tip #6) Use a hearing aid dehumidifier to store your hearing aids overnight and when not in use (with the battery doors open).

Why? This will absorb moisture out of the hearing aid and the battery.

Tip #7) If you have backup hearing aids or need to rest your ear(s) due to a medical concern. You should remove the batteries entirely if you won’t be using the device for an extended period of time.

Why? To avoid corrosion.


Have you ever changed your battery and let the new cell sit to activate only to confuse the old with the new? Don’t have a battery tester?

With Zinc-Air Batteries you can drop the battery on a flat surface. If it bounces, it is old and may need to be changed. If it falls flat, it is brand new.

No more wasting battery cells!

More Questions about Hearing Aid Batteries?

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