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Comprehensive Hearing Tests

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

If you start to experience hearing loss or suffer from conditions like tinnitus, our audiologists can conduct thorough hearing tests to figure out what’s happening. These tests give us a better understanding of your condition and make it possible for our doctors to make a diagnosis. Depending on the results, we can discuss different treatment options that suit you.

How We Conduct Hearing Screenings

Initial Consultation

The 90-minute screening begins with an initial consultation that dives into your medical history and hearing concerns. A provider will ask you questions about your reason for scheduling a test. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any recent challenges you have regarding hearing so our team can provide the best treatment.

Pure Tone Testing

After you answer all initial health questions, we’ll begin with pure tone hearing tests. You’ll enter a sound booth, and a specialist will play a series of different tones. These sounds will have several frequencies and volumes, and you’ll need to state whether you hear them in either one of your ears.

Pure tone testing helps determine which frequencies you have trouble hearing. Our audiologists use this information, as well as supplemental acoustic reflex testing, to pinpoint the exact range of sounds you struggle to hear.

Speech Recognition Testing

While testing what you hear at different frequencies plays a key role in diagnosing audiological conditions, hearing tests also need to include speech recognition. This refers to how well you can process different speech sounds. Without proper speech recognition, we can’t communicate with others.

This portion of the evaluation analyzes how well you not only hear certain words but also if you understand them enough to translate.

Audiogram Results

After the specialist administers all the necessary tests, we will review your results through a visual display called an Audiogram. This provides a detailed look at the certain frequencies and volumes where you begin to experience hearing difficulties. Our experts will explain your results and answer any questions you have at this time.

Reviewing Treatment Options

If we review your Audiogram and don’t see any major concerns, you won’t need to worry about a hearing aid or other services we offer. However, sometimes, pure tone and speech recognition hearing tests determine that you need additional treatment. Our friendly specialists will discuss your options and help you decide the best path forward.

We provide a range of services to help you overcome hearing problems like tinnitus and varying levels of hearing loss.

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