Custom Ear Molds and Hearing Protection Products

Custom Molds & Other Products

Professional Lab Custom Molded Earplugs

At Audiologic Services, we provide patients with custom ear molds and hearing protection products. Our ears can face significant damage due to noise and water exposure if we don’t take measures to protect them. With our custom-fit earplugs, you can enjoy all the activities you love without fear that your hearing will suffer.

Our specialists will take ear impressions to find the right shape and size of your ear opening. We then use the impression to create custom earplugs with highly durable materials. Stop by our clinic to discover all the ways we can protect your ears from harm.

Swimmer's Earplugs

Being in the water isn’t fun if you have sensitive ears. Swimming or even showering can cause inner ear pain if you’re overcoming an infection or have irritable ears. Custom swimmer earplugs will minimize harm, so you can hit the water as you please.

Hunter's Earplugs

Don’t let your hunting hobby cause long-term hearing damage. With custom ear molds and hearing protection for hunters, you fire your weapon without causing permanent hearing loss. Custom-fit earplugs made of durable materials prove far more effective at preventing hearing loss than standard products made for everyone.

Noise Blocking Ear Protection for Music Lovers

Whether you’re a musician or simply a fan, nothing causes ear damage quite like a booming bass and noisy crowds. Wearing custom ear molds at concerts reduces the risk of hearing loss caused by loud music. Our audiologists and hearing instrument specialists will fit you with custom ear plugs that let you hear the music without damaging auditory nerves

Custom Ear Molds and Hearing Protection for First Responders

Blaring sirens allows first responders to alert the public that they’re on the move, but these workers may suffer from hearing loss as a result. Wearing custom ear molds built for this type of situation helps firefighters, police officers, and other first responders maintain their hearing. If you’re exposed to loud noises on the job, our team can provide you with products that drown out harmful noise but won’t hinder your ability to interpret speech.

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