How to Wear a Mask with Hearing Aids

hearing aids and facemasks during covid (1)

Now what if you already lost a hearing aid?

  1. If you have hearing aid technology that can be connected via Bluetooth to your phone it is suggested to utilize your hearing aid’s app that can help “find your hearing aid” and find its last location.
  2. If you have a Widex hearing aid, there is a feature called “Lost Partner” that is found only in higher technology levels. This can be activated and signal you when your hearing aid has fallen out of your ear. Ask your Audiologist about this feature and if your Widex hearing aid has this feature.
  3. If you cannot find your hearing aid ask your audiologist about your lost and damage policy to see if you are still in warranty.

Stay safe and healthy and try the above techniques if you are nervous about losing a hearing aid! Please call our office if you have any questions or want to purchase a mask extender, which we keep in stock.  630-858-3277